Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cafe Grumpy; Craig's List; Missed Connections

Due to the economic recession work has been slow. Since Halloween I have found myself spending 4-8 hours/day in Cafe Grumpy- this is particularly ironic because upon first moving to Brooklyn I worked at this cafe for close to 3 weeks and was then promptly fired for a number of variables- the most prominant being my inability to remember muffin orders.

The clientele @ Grumpy are quite loyal; it is not rare to see the same unemployed/freelancing folks in there day after day- its actually quite similar to a college library. I recently discovered "missed connections" on the Craig's list personals and have since taken it upon myself to play match maker with unsuspecting regulars. My most recent post is for red hat guy and glasses girl:

"In the midst of one of my many freelance video editing jobs you stumbled upon my work area. You asked me if I was an artist- I blushed and then you sat next to me. If I didn't have a deadline I would have said hello. coffee tomorrow?"

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