Wednesday, August 5, 2009


this conde nast story started with American flight 7112 from JFK to Toronto.
This man missed his view of the city.
It's shark week apparently.
We arrived in Toronto around 9:00AM and then dealt with 5 hours of traffic up into "cottage country" around 200KM north of Toronto. Ken slept.
We finally arrived at the POW WOW LODGE only to discover our rooms were not equipped with televisions which meant we would need to travel to Block Buster at the conclusion of each day and give each other tasteful suggestions on what to watch.
Before Blockbuster however, we scrambled to a ranger station to board a ride throughout the forest in order to get aerial photographs for the magazine.
The pilot, Sebastian let me know that he is a nervous flier too and it is not something to fret over.
I hate flying.
We flew 10ft above the tree line down ridges and valley's. After this point I didn't document anything for 2 days for absolutely no reason.
On day 4 our morning began with this observation tower which took close to 20 minutes to climb.
I reached the top to find a 20lb rock in my bag courtesy of Ken.
He thought it was hilarious.
We finished the job that day and were originally scheduled to fly back to JFK this evening (WED) but with over bookings and Ken's need to fly back out of the country Thursday we were forced to consider driving....
We decided to leave right there and drive through the night.
9:00AM.... I arrived in SOHO at 11:00 having driven 733mi in the course of 11 hours.

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