Sunday, September 27, 2009

HOMELESSNESS: nights 2-3

here are images from night two of homelessness. I started this Friday night melancholy and stressed over the prospect of finding anther apartment (will be the 3rd in 3 months). Josh came over to Krissa's with a handle of whiskey which we proceeded to finish in an hour's time. I'm rarely over-served but awoke Saturday morning in my vacated apartment (an arrestable offense) with no clear idea of how I managed to sneak back in. There was a knock on my door by a police inspector and I managed to hide under my bed. I escaped the building with no consequence pleased I got one last night in my room. It looks as though Ithai and I have found a new home we will be moving into mid october-but in the meantime...

The vegan radical of Bedford Ave.

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