Monday, October 19, 2009

William Pope. L

I found this article over on Peter's blog and just want to put in my two cents on Pope.L....

At Bates, in play writing with Pope.L, I wrote a play about a sociopathic rugby player with a panty wearing fetish who is eventually caught in the act- he then decides to pimp his girlfriend as a bartering chip to conceal this fetish only to be killed by the blunt end of a desk lamp... to say the least I was a bit over my head and was writing such things in an attempt to impress Pope.L, who at the time I thought was the coolest man in America.

We often debated whether or not Pope.L's decision to teach at a generally all white liberal arts college in Maine was in it's self a piece of performance art. I believed this was definitely the case until he explained to me one day in his office, directly after accusing me of being the panty wearing man in my play, that interesting stories exist in every corner of every closet in every home in the world- even Lewiston, Maine. I loved him for saying that and was pleased I wasn't leaving the critique crying.

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