Saturday, April 24, 2010

My thoughts on the ipad for tech nerds...

-I don't like bringing it to coffee shops just yet because I'm immediately surrounded by people starring at it and asking me questions. It makes me feel like a spoiled yuppie.
-I can't pull it out on the subway for similar/more extreme reasons
-it is a gorgeous portfolio and cant be beat in terms of mixed media display
-the BBC reader is unbelievable
-reading interview magazine is unbelievable
-the netflix app is unbelievable
-the abc viewer is unbelievable
-I use a VNC app which lets me screen share with my laptop. It can be slightly sluggish but creates a perfect, simple client monitor when I'm shooting stills or editing video. As screen sharing apps continue to develop I think I will find myself getting rid of the laptop and buying a desktop... the ipad will then act as a "mobile computing device."
-I'm trying to jerry rig the pad to double as a video monitor for my Canon. At the moment I've been using a Marshal which ran $1100- if I can figure out how to run an HDMI cable to the ipad and then screen share with the camera... Marshal is in trouble.
-the device needs to be jailbroken so I can "background" apps
-I need a lightroom or capture one app
-I need a USB to FW800 adapter so I can save media to a hard drive.

...still a generation or two away from meeting the needs of someone in media but I can say with confidence that the next computer I buy will not be a laptop.

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