Monday, June 14, 2010

David skates in Lewiston, ME

While in Lewiston for the 2010 Bates Graduation David decided to go Skating...
He's like really good.While contemplating dropping into the "bowl" a task which he explained would ensue in "3ft of complete vert. man," these kids started to heckle him:
"Nice mustache dude!"
"Are you a pirate!?"
"Do it, are you scared!?" The kid on the far left said his brother could do it, and "he's only 12!" Please take note of the broken arm.In all of David's glory he dropped in, rode the ramp, and high-fived the kids to immediate cheers of congratulations.
"That'll shut them up," thought David. I watched as David's cell phone rang. He mistakenly pulled his wallet from his back pocket and the kids circled him like vultures...
"yo man, give us a dollar."
"Give us a dollar mustache man!"
David kindly gave them a dollar and went on his way.

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