Friday, November 19, 2010

some recent plane rides...

I'd like to say a couple things about riding on planes for everyone that has anxiety about it... I grew up flying and never had a problem with it. It was no different than getting in a car or train. Then when I graduated from college (and had no idea what I was doing in New York or how I was going to pay my rent) all my anxiety manifested itself into riding on planes. I hated it more than anything I could imagine and I remember thinking, "if only I wasn't afraid to fly my life would be so much better."

I booked a job as a photo assistant to India with a photographer I had never worked for and I can remember sitting next to him on a turbulent flight from London to Bombay gripping my seat, half praying I wouldn't die and half praying he wouldn't see me crying. In hindsight my fear of the flight back to New York kinda ruined the entire trip for me...which is awful.

This fear went on for about another year and then one month I had to fly transcontinental like 4 times in 20 days and that was it, it was gone. Really just totally gone. I wallow in this accomplishment and want to let you fearful fliers in on a big, big secret: buy an iphone and download Poppy Jump.

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