Monday, January 3, 2011

Quail Hunt!

I was down in Vero Beach, Fl over the break for my good buddy Will's Bachelor party. It was 3 days of debauchery, however, on one day we managed to crawl out of bed in time to go quail hunting... my first killing to eating experience- had a ball.
My buddy Josh here was the only other New Yorker on the hunt. We both held our own beautifully.
Yes, that is Jack Shepard's dad from LOST. He's an old family friend of Will's and spent the day with us. Being a huge lost fan myself I didn't really muster up the courage to pick his brain. But I thought it was hilarious that his old Southern buddies kept making fun of him and calling him Mr. Hollywood.
There's ol' Gordo pointing at some bullshit.

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