Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fort Defiance

I shot this as a collaboration with my good buddy Pete, who is a strategist at the advertising agency Cunning. We shot it shortly after my first cooking piece, Cooking Dinner, in hopes of illustrating what culture/lifestyle content with a heavy graphical element could look like. As with Cooking Dinner, our focus was to create motion content inspired by the print industry. Stephen Merola designed the graphics for us, which created a wonderful connection to the restaurant because he is responsible for the exterior and menu design at Fort Defiance. I think this boosted the production value significantly and I love that his work can be seen both over and in the images.

Many thanks to everyone that helped: Pete, Steve, Willa, Nate, St. John, Santa...thank you, thank you!


  1. Will, Great work. I love that place. Was this a 5d shoot? If so, how'd you approach the handheld shot in the middle there, i.e. any kind of rig?

    Really beautiful stuff!

  2. Hi Ben-

    I'm happy you liked it! It was shot on the canons. I use a hybrid rig the majority of which came from Red Rock. It's taken awhile to get the hang of DSLR video- most the the time I'm trying to hide the fact that I shot it on one. Zeiss lenses make a difference though:)