Thursday, June 2, 2011

For those of you that don't read aphotoeditor...


  1. Isnt this puffery? Banksy straddles the line, at the least.

  2. That is a pretty pretentious comment coming from an artist who won't show his face to the public. It seems that he is implying that most young artists who don't go into advertising are either lazy or lacking vision or both. I'd like to see some of the "bright, creative, and ambitious young people" in advertising (no offense Will) hold a mop or swing a hammer like many of the brilliant local artist I know. Many such artists are scraping by because they'd rather not prostitute their right temporal lobes (also, no offense Will!). Of all people I would have expected Banksy to understand that. And since when does art have have to say so much? And what exactly is it supposed to say? Does Banksy believe he is saving the world by defiling property with stencils? I used to think he was on to something great but now I see he may be catering to his ego first. Don't get me wrong, intelligent ads for good products are OK by me but what I hate most about advertising is the out of control percentage of ads that are absolutely terrible and were most likely created by, as Banksy put it, the "slow and self obsessed." Am I misunderstanding Banksy's quote here? It certainly rubbed me the wrong way. I'd be interested to hear some other opinions.