Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bad Luck Comes in 3's...

The day after my visit to the hospital I was riding my scooter to get coffee when a bee stung my leg. Of course this bee sting became infected and while driving down to Va 2 days later my doctor instructed me over the phone to stop at a walk in clinic and make sure it wasn't serious.

While there, the physician explained that I was absolutely fine but to be weary because bad luck comes in 3's and I was due for another incident in the near future. I laughed and told her that I actually had been been discharged from the hospital only to be asked to return 2 hours later and that obviously HAD to count as two. Blankly but with an obnoxious tone of confidence she instructed me that I was wrong... Shortly thereafter my scooter was run over and towed.

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