Wednesday, August 24, 2011


While driving a scooter I rented in Aruba I wiped out going 60mph and lost quite a bit of skin on my palm and lower back. I hailed a cab from the accident not sure if I should go to the hospital, got home, and had Alyssa and my step mom Cheryl clean my wounds. Lyssa and I then boarded a plane to Miami, decided not to go to the ER, in hopes we could find a Doctor in the Bahamas. We landed in the bahamas the next day, I went to the hospital there, got all cleaned up and then worked that evening and the following day. We were then informed that we needed to be evacuated from the island early due to Hurricane Irene. We managed to reroute our flights to Orlando and then were informed we couldn't take off for New York because of an east coast earthquake. just made it home:)

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