Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a weekend in Nantucket....

I grew up spending every August in Nantucket with my family and in the last 8 years have lost that tradition. I remember it being an amazing place for a teenager. The island is incredibly safe so I was cut loose in what was then a particularly urban scene for me. We'd sneak down to the Summer House restaurant in the middle of the night and snag a few bottles of wine and then go skinny dipping in their pool.

I'm pleased to report that Nantucket is equally as fun as an adult- even in the off season:
Town harbor and lyssa on the ferry
my old front yard
town and lyssa with an apple
nantucket sound and new st in sconset
i had nightmares about this place as a kid
chantecleer and it's garden
getting ready to skinny dip at the Summer House (we didn't steal anything)
altar rock and me on the ferry (photo by maria)
after our beach fire on sconset beach
gibbs pond and the playground by sconset beach
pre dinner drinks
sconset beach
beach permits and brant point lighthouse

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