Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to my blog... is a recap:
December 2008- Scott and I started a winter biking contest which I never finished but am fairly certain I lost.
January 2009- I managed to take this picture of Stanley, my old landlord, by explaining that I needed him to stand in to test whether or not my lights were going off- he gave me enough time for 3 frames.
February 2009- Lyssa came to visit, we over served ourselves, ate peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and then took this picture.
March 2009- A carpenter working on the stairway of my old apartment sat down and let me take this picture of him. He had no idea I was taking his portrait because he was distracted by all the lighting.
April 2009- This is of Alex on his roof. In this same sitting we also took naked photos of each other in an animal mask which to this day I can't look at.
May 2009- I took this picture of Lyssa and I after her Mom's birthday party in the Hudson Valley.
June 2009- This is Lyssa shortly after I moved to an apartment in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
July 2009- Sophie on Independence Day.
August 2009- Molly in Aruba
September 2009- I took this picture of Krissa after we drank an entire bottle of Whiskey on my first night of being homeless for a month.
October 2009- I took this picture of my mom in Charlottesville on a visit to Greenberry's coffee.
November 2009- Gianna in my apartment in Fort Greene.

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