Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from the Herefords!

My Thanksgiving started with a flight to Va and shortly thereafter, Swine flu- this is what I looked like an hour before my first dose of Tamiflu... (photo by mom)
this is what Molly and Mom looked like on Wed morning.

This is what our thanksgiving evening walk looked like.
Here's Mom and Mason cooking Thanksgiving dinner.
this is Mason pretending to throw up his thanksgiving dinner in a pan!

this is me pretending to give a speech, I'm actually not saying anything. (photo by mom)
Mason lives in New Orleans and recently cut his hair this way. He's dubbed himself "The Working Class Hero," which seems great to me!

This is our first attempt at a family portrait (camera is on timer and resting on bike).
...later these people walked by and we insisted that they get into the picture
here's another...
and another.

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