Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nostalgia Giveaway...

I'm in the midst of some Fall cleaning and have a heap of clothes I'd like to give away. I'll keep them all here for another 2 weeks (then on to goodwill) and if you see something you like you can come over and have a cup of coffee with me to get it. Email me (william@williamhereford.com) if you see something you like. All the shirts are M-L , the pants 32-34 waist, and the shoes 10-10.5 First come, first served...
Camper Boat Shoes... in my top 5 list of best shoes ever owned.

Mason's ex GF gave him these and then they came down the line to me. She has since married someone.

I bought these in Rome after seeing them on a really hip looking guy on the cable car.
My mom bought me these RedWings in the summer of 2003 for my first summer job working for a carpenter.

this is a great jacket- just slightly too boxy for me.
I bought this jacket in an attempt to copy a similar jacket of Josh Dennee's.
This once belonged to someone's dad. Who that someone is I can't remember.
Canvas, Orvis
I bought this at the dented can store in Lewiston Me.

Straight from Murray's Toggery...
Severely broken in pair of black Levis..
My first pair of raw denim

A severely broken in gray t-shirt I stole from Ithai sophomore year at Bates

a prep school original...

another prep school original... this one from Brooks Bros

this belonged to my mom's ex husband...


  1. send me the boat shoes and the last pair, actually a couple prep shirts too, ill pay for the shipping

  2. meet me in San Francisco tomorrow afternoon and ill give them to you...

  3. LOVe to grab those red addidas for my college age son,he has a shoes collection to make Imelda blush. Know he'd totally dig them! SF on October 13th?