Monday, September 13, 2010

Thoughts on a still photographer's production company...

Iceland from William Hereford on Vimeo.

Broadcast television and film consider time and sequence as a means of structuring creativity. As still photographers continue to develop "video" for needing clients they should not look to film and television for inspiration- competing with an established cinematographer or commercial director is a losing battle because their success has been derived from a completely different skill set in a completely different industry. Let's develop something we already understand: a single frame... and evolve video to suit our needs instead of ripping off commercial lifestyle montages.

There is money to be made in the creation of a production company designed specifically for the still photographer shooting video:

A digital tech capable of:
-capturing and playing back video footage with a color curve and client specific cropping ratios
-capturing still images and applying a color curve with client specific cropping ratios
-presenting these two forms of media side by side
-familiarity with job specific stills and video cameras

A team of assistants familiar with:
-video codecs
-video frame rates
-continuous lighting

A video editor capable of:
-editing sequential video in Final Cut Pro
-looping video infinitely
-text animation in after effects
-exporting video for client specific specs

A retoucher capable of:
-the coloring, cropping, and composting of both video and stills media
-making stills and video match identically in color and composition

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